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  • Patient Testimonials

    Dr. Benyamin,


    This correspondence is to convey my appreciation for your diagnosis and eventual resolution with my back issue. 


    I am really grateful for your participation in the VA Choice Program. Without it I may never have ended up in your skilled hands.


    You sat with me for a long time and diagnosed my problem in the L3, L4, and L5 facet joints. Turns out you were exactly correct. You did radiofrequency shots and this was exactly the solution to my back pain.


    It has been two weeks now and I have had no pain that used to keep me from standing and walking very far. I cannot express how much I appreciate all that you have done on my behalf.


    Thanks to your skill and knowledge, I can now enjoy all the things I used to!


    Ever so grateful


    There are people who make a difference in one's life. You, indeed, have made a difference in my life. With Deep Friendship,




    - PF

    Can't say enough about my care from your facility. Back injections went well. I have to say that if you have ANY nerve pain, migraines or any other painful ailment I highly suggest the Millennium Pain Center . My Doctor is Dr. Ricardo Vallejo and a most wonderful and caring doctor. I have also met and had help from Dr. Ramsin Benyamin. I feel nothing but a stick of the small IV anesthetic and in about 45 min I am back in the car. No hoop la, no big productions, just very caring and wonderful staff, doctors are great, place is set up for a quick in and out and you feel so much better right away.

    - JO

    How lucky you people are to have Dr.Broadnax,Nurse Carolyn & Tony! At your Libertyville center.Pros. That take time to listen to you & offer options & treatment that work.Don't let them get away! 

    - TW

    I could not thank Dr Benyamin and his staff enough. When on procedure didn't work they always reassured me that there where more opinions to try...never give up! All the staff and Dr's are so compassionate and empathetic to the pain I am dealing with. I would and do recommend them to everyone I think they could help! Thank you so much!!

    - KS

    Thank you for easing our lives another year.  I do not know what our lives would be without your treatments.  We wish you and your family a wonderful fest and a healthy and happy New Year.

    - JB

    As Christmases pass year after year, it makes me grateful how fortunate I am to be one of you patients'. Being cared for by you, Dr. Benyamin, is unrivaled. From the initial consultation you make me, the patient, feel at ease. Your eyes exude kindness, wisdom, as well as compassion. All of your patients trust you. You are a wonderful human being. Ein guter Mensh. I imply wanted to write the above alone and let you know how much you mean to me for making my life better. God Bless you and also when I pray at night. I include your wonderful family.

    - GF

    You have been so kind throughout this whole research study and we cannot thank you enough! You made us feel important each and every time I had to come in. Some days were very hard and you made it easy, you are a great coordinator and if it was not for you and Dr. Benyamin we would have given up hope long ago.  Thank you!

    - EF

    I felt like somebody finally understood my pain. I didn't know about all the different procedures beyond what a regular doctor does. Dr. Tipirnini has restored my faith that my pain is treatable. I thought I would have to live with my back pain for the rest of my life. Thank you!

    - LW

    I am the husband of one of your patients who had a successful spinal cord stimulator implant by Drs. Benyamin and Nardone.  My wife has her life back, thanks to you.  After 11 years of intractable pain, barely touched by the pain medications that had kept her in a virtual stupor, she had profound relief from back and sciatic pain.  Thanks and bless you!

    - RW

    Just wanted to say thank you to all your nursing staff and to Dr. Rehman! My grandmother was explained thoroughly what was happening.  It's not often that someone goes to the doctor and has such a good visit! Even my husband was impressed! My grandmother has been in a lot of pain for so long and to know that it can be eased, will make her later years more tolerable.  Thanks again and God bless you all!

    - TS

    The staff here at Millennium has been fantastic; from Peggy to the back all have been very helpful. Stephanie, Jen, Dr. Parikh, Dr. Vallejo, thanks!

    - DA

    We don't even know how to begin to thank you all for the kind, patient and wonderful care you provided. The results far exceeded our greatest expectations. The work you do is life changing, and our family will forever be grateful for all of you!

    - DF